Research shows seniors take online dating more serious than most

By | September 8, 2013

More and more people of age are entering the online dating scene. Research from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) indicates that seniors should not be underestimated in their quest for online love. The age group above 60 years old is currently even the fastest growing demographic group in the online dating community.

It's never too late for love

It’s never too late for love

Senior Online Dating Research

Dr. Watson and Dr. Stelle of BGSU did research amongst various age pools of and Their motivation was founded in the fact that there is not much data regarding online dating later in life. Their most important finding? Online dating has no expiration date, and is very much alive amongst especially those above 60. Their most interesting findings were however the specific differences between junior daters and those of a higher age.

Senior Online Dating Interests differ 

The most interesting finding of Dr. Watson and Dr. Stelle is that the profile requirements, and thus how people tend to market themselves, seem to differ significantly from other age groups. Whereas younger people tend to focus more on appearance and other status or career-wise trends, seniors tend to add more traits surrounding affection, intelligence and independence. Aspects such as religion, spirituality and political preferences also tend to be more important for the older demographic.

Differences go further for daters above 60  in Senior Dating

It was even so that senior online daters use different language to describe themselves, in comparison to younger online dating groups. Examples of this were “young of heart” or “active”, which were often used by online daters above 60 to describe themselves. These seemed to be important factors that emphasized vitality and good health.

Dr. Stelle’s and Dr. Watson’s research also indicated that behavior of especially older women on dating sites is also different in comparison to other groups. Women above 60 tend to make decisions regarding online dating much faster. The games and flirting seems to be a thing of the past for that specific group.

Dr. Stelle and Dr. Watson have indicated that a lot of more research is necessary in this field to further understand what online love means for older people. Their first findings however certainly indicate that online dating is for all, and not just for generation Y.

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