About us

Who I am

Editor Senior dating site reviewsMy name is Ron Lee and I am from Oregon originally although now I do a fair amount of traveling and working on the road. Here is how it all got started. I am a huge fan of romance based reality tv shows and travel. I started researching online dating in 2007 after blogging about the Bachelor TV show for over 5 season. The rest is history.

What I do

Each and every day I rise early, eat my wheaties and hit the social media circuits. 5 days a week I operate SeniorDatingReviews as a full time business. That means doing research on the latest sites and trends in senior dating and sharing them here at senior dating site reviews. It’s no different than a office job doing accounting or anything else except I provide a service to inform people about different dating sites. Accounting involves too much math for me. :-)

How long I have done it for

I have been writing about online dating for nearly 7 years now.


Why I do it

Online dating fascinates me and I love working in a profession where people meet for a great purpose; companionship.  Still have questions? Drop me a line. Yes, we check our mail each and every day and reply to all emails so please do contact me if I can be of any assistance.


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